The M Family- Photographer Fenton MI

The last time that I worked with these lovely people, big sister was much younger, and little sister hadn’t even been born yet.

web-157A4815 copy

It’s amazing how much a family can grow and change in just a few short years.

web-157A4655 copy

Suddenly the baby of a family becomes the big sister.

web-157A4700 copy

And a new little person enters your life.

web-157A4743 copy

web-157A4644 copy

And you realize that not only has your family grown, .

web-157A4658 copy

but your heart has too.

web-157A5106 copy

May your home always be filled with sunshine, lollipops, happiness and love.


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Miss D- Photographer Fenton MI

I recently spent a very, very sunny, yet equally lovely evening photographing Miss D.


She’ll be a senior this year.


Her parents probably find that kinda hard to believe, because kids grow up much too quickly.

That beautiful baby who’s itty bitty hand held your finger on their first day of life, suddenly becomes that fun loving 5 year old who’s pudgy hand lets go of you on their first day of school.

That beautiful child goes from playing make believe and picking you flowers, to that teenager who trades in their princess dresses for make up, driving and dates.


You watch your beautiful child grow into the person that you always hoped that they would be.

You watch them learn, and struggle, and grow.

You look at their beautiful face, and see their past, present, and future all at one time.


You wonder what the future holds for them.

You hope that life treats them kind, and that they have adventures along the way.

You hope that they find happiness, and that they find love.

You hope that they will one day experience all of the joys that their own life has brought to your’s.


And then you look at the person who you have loved from the start, hope that you have done your job well, and watch as they spread their wings and fly…

Wishing you a lifetime of sunshine, lollipops, happiness, and love D!

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Miss K – Senior Photography Michigan

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Miss K.

senior girl

Isn’t she lovely?

senior girl

The last time I photographed her she was a blond.

web-157A1170 copy

web-157A1158 copy

Kind of hard to believe, since she looks so stunning with dark hair.

web-157A1067 copy

She wanted to include her grandpa’s Bible in her session, which to be completely honest, I thought was perhaps the sweetest thing ever.

senior girl

We took a short drive to a field near her house.

web-157A1292 copy

web-157A1238 copy

web-157A1227 copy

Then we returned to her house to finish up her session.

web-157A1358 copy

She is incredibly sweet, and I wish her all the best with her upcoming senior year!

web-157A1414 copy

web-157A1401 copy

web-157A1411 copy

May your final year of high school be filled with sunshine, lollipops, happiness, and love!

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Baby V- Family Photographer MI

Here are some favorites from my recent session with Baby V and her parents.








May your lives always be filled with sunshine, lollipops, happiness, and love…

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Plymouth, MI Family Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Plymouth to photograph this sweet baby girl, and her wonderful family.

I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek lovely family!

May your day be filled with sunshine, lollipops, happiness, and love 🙂

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my goodness i adore this smiley, big brown eyed, crinkly nosed baby!

may your life always be filled with sunshine, lollipops, happiness, and love…

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